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The 20th Century

Thor Johnson / Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Helsinki University Chorus, with Sulo Saarits (bar)
Sibelius: The Origin of Fire

Pierre Dervaux / Orchestre des Concerts Colonne
Debussy: La Mer  reel tape master

Fernando Previtali / St Cecilia Academy Orchestra
Respighi: Feste Romane  reel tape master

Robert Craft / Los Angeles Contemporary Music Ensemble
Antheil: Ballet Mecanique  reel tape master

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 103 - 74:03 - $15>

There is a story behind the Sibelius recording--I had known Martti Turunen, the conductor of the Helsinki University Choir; and when he and his singers came over on tour I instigated the recording project which included a recording of the choir itself and the Sibelius score. I was then running a Music Center for the American Scandinavian Foundation as well as Mercury Living Presence. So you can see why I'm especially pleased. --David Hall, ME

I'm absolutely impressed with the Sibelius/Debussy/Respighi/Antheil release. The sound quality of the transfers exceeds any expectation I had for these recordings, and I'm particularly knocked out by what you did with the latter two pieces. So, hearty congratulations on a terrific CD. By the way, I never understood why the first few minutes of the Antheil were deleted from the Urania recording. My guess is that this was a production error because I can't imagine a stickler for text such as Robert Craft would have approved of such a cut. --PB, TX

Let me congratulate you on a quite sensational release! I have the Remington rec. of Origins of Fire on LP in stereo (I haven't checked but it was re-released in the early 1980s--Varese, I think) but the Urania Ballet Mecanique in stereo is something I have lusted for, for too many years. --MM, UK

Command Spectaulars!

William Steinberg / Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Berlioz: Rakoczy March
Saint-Saens: French Military March
Strauss: Perpetual Motion, Trisch-Trasch Polka
Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries  reel tape master

Pierre Dervaux / Orchestre des Concerts Colonne
Rimsky-Korsakoff: Capriccio Espagnole  reel tape master
Debussy: Fetes  reel tape master

Andre Vandernoot / Orchestre de la Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire
Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien  reel tape master
Debussy: Iberia  reel tape master

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 035 - 74:03


Most of the Command spectaculors I hadn't heard and I agree with the notes that the Paris Cappricios had great sound. For me these are next to the Kondrashin RCA readings. --JG, MN

"Command Spectaculars" is well-named: the sound is indeed spectacular in all instances; as always one might wish for rather less understated bass in the Command originals, but background noise is virtually non-existent and the presence is quite amazing; the Rimsky-Korsakov is especially "in-your-face" in its instrumental presentation. Steinberg's performances are the real prize in this release: his Walkürenritt is an absolute thriller--about 30 seconds quicker than Toscanini, and surpasses the Maestro as well as all the other conductors I have ever heard in sheer excitement. His Berlioz Hungarian March and Saint-Saëns French Military March yield nothing to Paray in vital energy and provide more orchestral detail than the Mercury recordings, good as they are. Dervaux's Rimsky-Korsakov Capriccio Espagnol is good, but interpretively I wouldn't place him ahead of Szell or Paray in this work. His Debussy Fêtes is better than good, although for me the incandescent van Beinum/Concertgebouw is my ideal for the three Nocturnes. Vandernoot's Tchaikovsky seems oddly under-characterized; he drags the first two sections, and although I don't have a score at hand, I feel certain that there should have been some acceleration at the end of the work, rather than tramping through the coda at the same steady pace. Super sound, but musically I vote for Dorati/Minneapolis (or Szell, which is only available on Japanese Sony). Not a performance I shall return to. Oddly, Vandernoot's Debussy Iberia, a far more demanding work, is quite good IMO, although here again one has a choice of interpreters much more closely associated with the work. I'm not normally a fan of releases with a "mix" of interpreters, but ReDiscovery has another winner here, especially for the Steinberg items. --RO, TX

I have got to admit that the Steinberg recordings and performances just don't make it for me. I am unimpressed by the sonics and the boring performances. This guy was dead long before he was buried. The Rakockzy March cannot compare to the one on RCA with Sir Alexander Gibson and the New Symphony Orchestra of London, which includes a brass band and 15-foot cannon drum.... Also, Stokowski did a much better job on the Capriccio in terms of performance with the CSO in 1962 despite the poor sonics. --TR, IL

I purchased Command Spectaculars, principally for the Steinberg tracks, and especially for Ride of the Valkyries. The sound and performance are so good, I would have bought this disc for that track alone! The other Steinberg tracks are excellent, too, and the recordings of Dervaux and Vandernoot are very fine: my first recordings by these conductors with wonderful French orchestras. With this disc, the listener gets wonderful performances by William Steinberg/Pittsburgh Symphony (Berlioz, Johann Strauss, Saint-Saens, Wagner) plus Dervaux and Vandernoot's recordings of Debussy, Tchaikovsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov, all in beautiful stereo sound. Playing in all tracks is of the highest order, and I'd recommend this to beginning or veteran collectors alike. --AM. MI



Liszt: The Forgotten Recordings

Sergio Fiorentino / Erich Riede / Hamburg Pro Musica Orchestra
Piano Concerto 1 in E-flat

Paul Paray / Monte Carlo Opera Orchestra

Eugene List / Gyorgy Lehel / Vienna State Opera Orchestra

Dr Max Loy / Nuremburg Symphony Orchestra
Tasso, Lament and Triumph

Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt / Festival Orchestra
Hungarian Rhapsody 2

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 134 - 68:51


I recently received your new issue of obscure Liszt performances, and find them to be fine performances that deserve a reissue. Sound is just fine. I'm glad to get the Fiorentino performance; I think this is a far better performance than his "guess who" recording of the Beethoven 5th concerto. I find that one pretty run-of-the-mill. --SS, IA


Music of the World's Great Composers

Arturo Basile / Bologna Community Theater Orchestra
Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture
Bizet: Carmen Prelude
Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks

Arturo Basile / St Cecelia Academy Orchestra
Bach: Brandenburg Concerto 1 in F
Handel-Harty: Water Music Suite

Oivin Fjeldstad / Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
Brahms: Symphony 3 in F

Massimo Freccia / St Cecelia Academy Orchestra
Haydn: Symphony 94 in G Surprise

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 184/185 - 123:11


Oh my, where do I start? The wonderful horns in the Water Music and Brandenburg, the winds in Roman Carnival—so many conductors bring out the brass and leave the winds to fend for themselves—the rich humor of Till Eulenspiegel, the sheer urgency and freshness of the Brahms… Clearly RCA is missing a bet by not bringing out boxed CD equivalents of the old Reader's Digest sets with the original artwork and notes, not just this one but Festival of Light Classical Music, Scheherazade, Treasury of Great Music, and so many others. RCA should be using these sets to introduce a new generation of record buyers to good music, but they have regrettably dropped the ball. So we must prevail upon Mr Gideon to keep these classics available, or at least those that haven't already been issued by Chesky...! --SH, MI

Downloaded your latest release. I remember wanting more of the Reader's Digest items and here they are! Especially that Brahms 3 which I think is overlooked. The remastered sound is great! (The Haydn as noted is a little boxy to my ears). Now what else is in those RD boxes...? Thanks again for issuing this. --SP, OR

Thanks so much for the Basile and Freccia recordings! I loved them as a young man and would be thrilled if you released more from the series. Boult's Franck symphony, more Freccia and Basile...all great! --AS, VA

A Stereo Piano-and-Orchestra Extravaganza!

Abram Chasins & Constance Keene / Emanuel Vardi / Kapp Sinfonietta
Bach: Concerto for Two Pianos in C Major  reel tape master
Bach: Concerto for Two Pianos in C Minor  reel tape master

Philippe Entremont / Walter Goehr / Zurich Radio Orchestra
Liszt: Piano Concerto 2 in A Major  reel tape master

Victor Aller / Felix Slatkin / Concert Arts Orchestra
Dohnanyi: Variations on a Nursery Song  reel tape master

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 083 - 79:39


Just a note to thank you for the Michael Schneider Bach-organ disc and especially for the Piano-Orchestra extravaganza. That amazing (probably pick-up) band, conducted by Slatkin in the Danny Variations is just tremendous. What string tone! --DW, NY

A mixed bag. The Bach I think weak and not really very interesting, but as a lead-in to an interesting, varied program, it will do. I agree with your blurb for the Liszt. There is a youthful spirit to Entremont's playing here that is very attractive and enjoyable. The Dohnanyi--though I believe something very like this has been done before, by a composer whose name I can't recall, but I think it starts with an "M"--is quite a delight, and surely not something one would expect to find duplicated on many, if any, other releases. I remain fascinated by what you do, and wish you well. How too bad it is that DG seems to be stealing a lot of your Westminster glory these days. Well, anyway, a lot of these really fine old recordings are not just disappearing, and however that does not happen is gravy for us collectors. By the way, I think your technical side impeccable. All of these sound fresh and new, and I'll bet better than they did originally. --HB, VT


Graz Philharmonic Stereo Spectacular!

Gustav Cerny / Graz Philharmonic
Glinka: Russlan und Ludmilla Overture  reel tape master
Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre  reel tape master
Smetana: Bartered Bride Dances  reel tape master
Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien  reel tape master

Militiades Caridis / Graz Philharmonic
Verdi: La Forza del Destino Overture  reel tape master
Verdi: Nabucco Overture  reel tape master

Maximilian Kojetinsky / Graz Philharmonic
Nicolai: Merry Wives of Windsor Overture  reel tape master
Tchaikovsky: Marche Slave  reel tape master

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 153 - 71:18


A Stereo Tchaikovsky Concert

Muir Mathieson / Sinfonia of London
Symphony 6 in B Minor Pathetique  reel tape master

Hermann Scherchen / Vienna State Opera Orchestra
Marche Slave  reel tape master

Morton Gould / His Orchestra
Sleeping Beauty Waltz  reel tape master

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 027 - 58:41


I admit to being very curious about the Tchaikovsky 6 with Muir Mathieson. Scherchen and Gould do very well here but it is the Pathetique that surprises and delights! Mathieson's years of work in the film music industry will forever be held in esteem but this performance takes him to another realm. Its drama and passion are stunning to hear. The finale is truly elegiac in nature, full of honest feeling and sentiment, touching the soul deeply. I've heard many performances, in concert and on recordings, of this work, and I would call the Mathieson one of the finest. Thank you for issuing this and in such superb sound. --WW, PA

Thanks for shipping the order so promptly. You've done an excellent job of remastering on all of the discs I've purchased so far. I own a number of the selections on r-r tapes and even on hi-end machines like the Technics RS-1500 or the Ampex ATR-700, they do not sound as good as your remasterings. --RS, TX


Wagner: The Forgotten Recordings

Antal Dorati / London Symphony Orchestra
Tannhauser Overture  reel tape master

Massimo Freccia / Rome Philharmonic Orchestra
Rienzi Overture

Otto Gerdes / Bamberg Symphony Orchestra
Symphony in C

Vittorio Gui / Florence May Festival Orchestra
Overtures: Die Meistersinger [attrib], Tannhauser, The Flying Dutchman  reel tape masters

Erich Leinsdorf / London Symphony Orchestra
Tannhauser Overture and Venusberg Music  reel tape master

Leopold Ludwig / Hamburg Staatsoper Orchestra and Chorus
Tannhauser Pilgrims' Chorus, The Flying Dutchman Seamen's Chorus

Paul Paray / Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Parsifal Prelude

The Symphony of the Air
Die Meistersinger Overture  reel tape master

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 118/119 - 2:22:10


This release is yet another treasure that would otherwise have been left buried and neglected without your remarkable dedication to preserving the record, as it were, of these great performing artists. The Tannhauser overture, in dozens upon dozens of recordings, is too often presented in a lethargic, meandering ritual of reverential passages contrasted to bombast. Antal Dorati avoids the crushing bore some make of the cascading string part (becoming downright nauseating under some conductors) by keeping it behind the pilgrims' theme proper, a white noise from the distant Venusberg. When the pilgrim's choral theme comes to the fore midway through the overture, the flutes chirp out in such a way they resemble bells (glockenspiel), an amazing effect. Now I must hunt down my copy of the score to see if maybe it is glockenspiel! Dorati's tempi are perfect. My worn LP can be retired. I was disappointed when the Mercury CD re-issue did not include this excellent performance. Thanks to ReDiscovery, it is back, a recording I literally grew up with. The C-Major Symphony is another gem, similar to Bizet's youthful essay. Young Wagner deftly mixes his own musical personality with Beethoven and Schubert. The andante movement has genuine classical pathos. Any perfect Wagnerite will want this in his or her collection. The performance by Rogner on Berlin Classics is also good, and should not be missed. The Meistersinger Overture is incredible. Without a conductor, the Symphony of the Air presents detail in orchestral polyphony (a la Bach, as Wagner intended) and precision of playing that are simply breathtaking. The overture is like new, without the drear of long performance histories that ignore the Master's scoring subtleties, always exaggerating his moments of exultant grandeur. What consummate musicians must have been in that orchestra! There is so much more in this set, my enthusiasm may get too long winded. Suffice to say that the Pilgrims' Chorus under Ludwig is magnificent, the Leinsdorf, Freccia, Paray and Gui selections all revelatory, in their different ways, of a Wagner who was, despite all tendentious criticism, a universal musical genius who rewards every listener with more than just a good tune. These conductors and orchestras prove Wagner's timeless universality. --JK, WI

Mangled Masterworks

48 well-known classics played as popular music: bossa nova, theatre organ, honky-tonk, percussion, harmonica, canary chorus, swing band, and more.

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 164/165 - 2:24:59


More Mangled Masterworks

48 well-known classics played as popular music: bossa nova, theatre organ, honky-tonk, dixieland, percussion, swing band, tijuana, and more.

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 172/173 - 2:25:59


Mangled Masterworks is the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. Correction - it was the worst thing. I've now downloaded volume 2 and it is utterly shocking. Much more annoying than volume 1. A snip at $5 (£3.20 in the UK). You have surpassed yourself. Keep up the amazing and sometimes dreadful work. I await volume 3 with trepidation. --RW, UK

Loving Vol. 2! Downloaded it last week and was listening to it over the week end. How many versions of 'Song of India' are there? What is interesting is that the (sometimes over the top) arrangements bring out something I've missed in the 'original' versions. Mangled indeed! As a lover if kitsch/lounge/Space-Age stuff, this fits right in. I await Vol. 3. --DP, OR

Really enjoyed my Sunday afternoon listening to the highly original, innovative arrangements of the classics in some very excellent (the usual David Gideon high standard) sound. It is so enjoyable to appreciate these well known melodies in a completely different way--the tunes can live up to these arrangements. --DH, UK

Mangled Masterworks III: Bad Bach & Beyond

53 well-known classics played as popular music: bossa nova, theatre organ, cha-cha, rock, percussion, swing band, tijuana, and more.

ReDiscovery Stereo RD 181/182 - 2:25:43


So pleased to download these discs. "Bad Bach…": isn't all Bach bad? Never liked the original JS, although it became more palatable in the arrangements by Stokowski, Respighi, Elgar and the like. This disc is most enjoyable. Definitely not po-faced. It does not take itself too seriously, as too much classical music is want to do. It has given me a constant smile whilst listening to the complete download. Some fantastic arrangements and the recordings and DG's transcriptions are superb, as are the informative notes. More of the same please. Time for classical music lovers to let their hair down and have a wry smile. The original melodies have the strength to survive. Highly commended. --DH, UK