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ReDiscovery Catalog

Use the sub-navigation tabs above to browse our releases. Icons will take you to audio clips, customer comments, and external reviews. Downloads are unencrypted 320kbps files, with high-resolution scans of covers and inserts. All downloads are free. Titles not licensed for downloading can be purchased on limited-edition compact discs. Discs can only be shipped to addresses in the USA.

Download Tips

We recommend that you download catalog files with Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. We have had reports of difficulties using Internet Explorer though a few users of IE 8 have said their download was successful. Sometimes a different unzip utility makes a difference (several free alternatives are available).

If for any reason you are unable to access or extract your download, or have any problems with the process, send us an email via the 'Contact ReDiscovery' link below and we will get the files to you.

You can import the mp3 files into a CD burning program and create your own CD if you like. To preserve the original length of pauses between movements set the gap between tracks to zero.
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