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Welcome to ReDiscovery: classical recordings of the past refurbished as limited-edition compact discs and free high-resolution unencrypted 320kbps downloads.

We are the premier source for otherwise unavailable performances by some of the most celebrated musicians of their time, as well as memorable work by artists all but forgotten today.

What's new...
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Our website is now part of the 21st Century and has been revamped for easier viewing on mobile devices. The slideshow of 'musical mysteries' is drawn from our new, expanded Google Photo albums of LP/tape cover art. And speaking of musical mysteries, if our remastered performances from the Basic Library of the World's Greatest Music have intrigued you about the anonymous supermarket series of the late 50s, check out this site from Gary Sanders; it has a very thorough aggregation of information about the Basic Library and its brethren.

Deletions: RD 025 has been withdrawn because Scherchen's Ilya has been officially released. RD 053 has been deleted as Gould’s Sibelius is now available in first-class downloads from the master tapes. (The coupled Grieg Symphonic Dances have been added to RD 093 as bonus tracks.) We have also removed Antar from RD 13 due to its inclusion in the Morton Gould/CSO box. However we will continue to offer Gould's 1812 despite its recent release in a Living Stereo set. That version as issued by Sony/RCA doesn't include the cannons and bells! (An 1812 without cannon shots is like a pizza without cheese.) If you haven't already downloaded this classic rendition, take this opportunity to enjoy the 1812 as Morton Gould conceived and performed it:


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